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great links, good info - unfortunately none of it changed my mind so far.

For me it still comes down to batteries and time.

It's not time for batteries yet.

"The completed battery pack contained 18 six-pack building blocks with 108 individual batteries. The total weight was 930 pounds. Total volume was around eight cubic feet. Because of their greater discharge capacity, Tether's 162 amp-hour configuration is equal in performance to 12 AGM 4D batteries in series, but is 30% lighter.

The 162 amp-hours of Tether's test configuration proved to be more than enough capacity for the Lagoon 47 testbed. It has two 9 kw motors that draw 64 amps each at maximum throttle. The same capacity should work fine on the hybrid Lagoon 500s, Tether says. "It's a heavier boat with 16 kw motors, but the waterline is longer so it's more easily driven."

They don't give a price - they hope is becomes comparable (over time) with the 16 life line 8d's agm's it's replacing (about 9.5k). These are about the best batteries out there you can buy at this point in time.

Future batteries don't push my boat.

That's less than 3 hours motor time on the batteries. Great if the gale force winds blowing me to the lee shore abate in time, not so good if not. The two 20kw gensets (29 hp?) on that boat are each about what I have as a full up motor - and replace the 50HP diesels that the old ugly non-green Lagoon's have. Doesn't seem to make sense to me to have two gensets, electric motors, controllers and a ton of batteries so I can get what? Have smaller diesels? That's the whole deal?

No thanks.

I'll go green by sailing more.
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