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Are you nuts????

Don't you read sailnet????

A Nauticat???????????

Please....let me help you...

You need at least...and I mean bare minimum...a boat that is pre-1984, with a hull thickness ( a good thing I read here, of at least 15 Inches, accept no will save your bacon in a storm and in collisions against telephone poles, whales and sunken tankers....everyone here knows that a boat that doen't have a full keel is no you need something with a long keel, the longer the also need water proof windows and ports, and should make blanks for each opening in 2 feet thick plywood, make sure you epoxy it,,because you will need it to make a rudder whgen you lose your rudder and boats can't be sailed with no rudder....

For sailing abilities, you will need vast qwuantities of wood trimings outside, with complicated engravings and varnishable..everyone knows wood need varnish to make the boat sail good...Ahhh no play with rudders, a skeg hun is minimla, and make it iron...don't want the thing to develop blisters and quit....NO FOLDING PROPS..they are not suited for Blue water boats, as they reduce will need drag, when the storm hits and you can cocoon your self inside and come out when the sun's what they recommend...hence the bullet proof boat....ahh you need wood work inside, dark sober, heavy woodwork, to reduce free space, so in case of a knockroach you don't get tossed around..and bang your head..the less space you have inside the the smaller inside the better....I repeat..

Now...everyone knows you need two masts, minimum, no use whatsoever, but makes the boat blue water, and you can control sailing (wich you will not do anyway), so a 350HP diesel is in line, I recommed one with at least 3 shafts....

Then, you need at least 5 GPS, 3 radar and a lot of dials and water boats have them....

A few BBQ in the stern and you're all also need a heavy 45ton davit in the stern with a dinghy, preferaby one of those from the Titanic, and MORE IMPORTANT..A CANOE Blue Water is really blue water without the CANOE STERN...everyone knows that...geeee

By the way...I have the boat here for you..

Don't worry about the small sails, because you have no will not be sailing anyway...

You're welcome....

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