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Invitation to all of a pure heart

That is precisely the point that I was trying to make. Those kinds of numbers are exactly what I was talking about experiencing in the smaller boats. Tacking through 100 degrees with 5 degrees of leeway, in other words 110 degrees made good, is worse than really dismal pointing ability, especially in those kinds of windspeeds, that sized boat, and at those kinds of extremely slow speeds. While you might tolerate that kind of worse than poor performance offshore, in a confined situation with perhaps a knot or two opposing tide running (which was often the case where I was sailing Wharrams), and given the difficulty in tacking a Wharram reliably and without losing huge amounts of distance to leeward, you would be hard pressed to actually be able to actually make distance to windward.

While I understand that Wharrams are not race boats, to put this in perspective, when I compare the Pahi 63''s performance to a 20 year old 38 foot performance monohull cruiser that was also intended to go offshore in heavy conditions, these numbers are silly. (Using my own boat only because I know these figures from experience) In 18 to 20 plus knots of wind, my boat typically tacks through something approaching 80 degrees and the GPS seems to suggest that it makes something less than 90 degress made good between the tacks, while moving at between 8 and 9 knots. When you add in that no distance to leeward is made on the tacks, this make a very big difference in a confined situation such as beating out a river or clearing a headland or reef.

It just seems that if someone is going to spend the kind of money that it takes to build any 63 foot multihull, then they should at least try to build a design that has decent sailing characteristics.

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