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Mooring seems to be different in different countries. In Norway, until quite recently, putting out a mooring was considered to be a civil right. A landowner owned the land out in the sea as far as "a horse can wade". Outside this limit anyone was free to put out a mooring provided the mooring was not in tracks of the shipping traffic, that was governed by the municipal harbour authorities.

Now, since the ownership of leisure boats have exploded, the putting out of moorings is regulated. The mooring I am tied to is owned by a slipway. This slipway have about 10 moorings in a bay close to the slipway. Originally I believe the moorings were used as a "waiting place" for boats that were going on or off the slipway. Now, due to lack off places to slip, the moorings are rented out as permanent slips. For some the whole year, for others in the summer season.

Whether one lives in the boat or not is of no concern of the owner of the moorings. This of course in turn represents some logistic challenges. I need to shore the dinghy, when I for some reason want to go ashore. I need fresh water, I need electrical power and I need to get rid of the wastes of all kinds.

Getting rid of the garbage is the biggest problem. I must more or less "sneak" my garbage into the containers owned by others. So I have learned to reduce my garbage to a minimum. My not so dear neighbouring seagulls, ducks, swans, fish etc. take care of the wastes from the cooking. When I buy anything in the local stores, all sorts of wrappings are left behind in the store.

The riddance of more personal wastes are solved when moving the ship on the way to the gas station for diesel or water as it is allowed to empty the holding tank at a distance of 300 meters from land. The yearly debate of whether this permission should be banned is one of the signs that the spring is coming. But science has proven that the wastes from boats represents less than 1/000 of the total wastes from the community.

Electrical power is only a financial problem. Gasoline is forbiddingly expensive. I spend around $1 a day on gasoline to produce my electrical power by a generator. The solar cells and the windmill do not produce enough to keep my PC, refrigerator, TV, water pumps etc. going. Besides, living in a mooring means that all kind of power tools must get their power from homemade electricity.

Owning a car is impossible, so I walk or row to any destination.

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