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Author: Jeffamc
I plan on dropping out of high school very soon and then I will get a full time job and just save up until I get afford a sailboat, but the only problem is once i get a sailboat and I am living on it, how will I make money for food, water, repairs, docking, gas, ect. Anyone have any suggestions?

If you consider what you have to offer to an employer in the way of useful skills, how much do you think an employer would be willing to pay for those skills?

When you consider your costs to do the job; clothes, travel, meals, tools, etc., how much money do you expect to bring home?

After you meet your living expenses, how much will be left over to save for your boat? How many years will it take for you to accumulate $5,000? $10,000? $20,000?

On his twenty-fifth birthday, every young man looks into the mirror and sees his reflection, and a lot more. He also sees what he has accomplished in his life. At this point, many young men smile and say, "I''m off to a great start and my future is looking good." Too many others scowl and complain that life is tough and they can''t get a break. They realize that the decisions they made have hurt them in so many ways, but they try to shift the blame elsewhere -- their parents were at fault, the schools were no good, the teachers didn''t care, the guys they hung out with were just losers. But the world knows where th blame lies.

To a great extent, the only thing that separates these two groups is their level of education.

By this time, all are pretty much set in their ways and won''t change. And neither will the road to their future.

Forget, for a moment, where you are now and ask yourself where you would want to be at age 25. If you will be content to remain on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder with little hope of rising, then do exactly what you wrote in your post. If, on the other hand, you want more than that, then you have to prepare yourself for it.

You cannot possibly know how difficult life is for folks who are undereducated. As someone once observed, "Every day, it gets tougher to make a buck."

Do yourself a favor. Look around and see the difference between those who took education seriously and those who didn''t. Then get off your butt, get the lead out, stop moaning, and start taking education seriously.

As someone already pointed out, no matter how you slice it, three years from now, you''ll be 21 without a diploma. With the right kind of effort, you could be 21 with a diploma.

You must have noticed that no one has supported your decision to deliberately become less than you can be. In different ways, everyone has encouraged you to be the best that you can be.

Look around. Are those who make it through high school any better than you? Do you really think that you are inferior to them?

Remember, you''re the one who makes the decisions that effect your life.

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