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I have been told by a few people that green was bad luck. Without trying to tempt fate (or whatever), I'll say it's been good thus far.

I can tell you that it's a B!T@H keeping green gelcoat pretty. Wax on, wax off, wax on, wax off.....

As far as luck and unlucky goes... I know a woman who thinks shes soooo unlucky, but what she doesn't realize is that most of her "unlucky" could easily be avoided.

In the dead of winter she locked herself out of the house. Rather than call the landlord to let her back in she breakes a window, gets cut while climbing in, piles under a bunch of blankets because its now so cold inside, freezes and burts her pipes from the cold. Even if you resorted to breaking the window to get in, wouldn't you cover the gaping hole to keep the cold out some? Unlucky, or no common make the call.

Does nothing go wrong on a white hulled boat? Do white hull owners hit the lottery more than green hull owners (per capita of course)? Luck, fate, coincidence, divine intervention?????

Dictated, but not read.

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