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Thanks Wayne, I don't have anywhere near your on knowledge of the physics, but I would love to understand this better.

Do I understand the sum of your calculations is the water in the tank would rise .6 degrees every hour the compressor ran? Obviously that is assuming the tank is full, which it won't be most of the time, and that the tank contents are cycled through the heat exchanger once an hour.

This doesn't seem too bad to me if the compressor only runs 3-4 hours a day, I realize 3-4 hours per day is an "if" and assumes a well insulated box. If the tank was on average half full (50 gallons) you would rise the water temp 1.2 degrees per hour or 3.6-4.8 degrees per day. wouldn't the tank cool back off enough in the idle time? Is it that a sealed tank with a small temp difference to ambient temp won't loose it's heat quickly?

I'm not being argumentative, I'm just trying to comprehend this better.

CD, this seems on topic to me but please let me know if you consider this a high jack of your thread and I'll create another one.

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