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Here is the deal with full blown racing sails as I see them. I routinely use kevlar sails for cruising. I have them specially made for my cruising needs, which are different than my racing needs.

If this is truely a kevlar sail, it will have less stretch and will hold it's shape long after a cruising dacron sail ceases to be a sail at all, and has been reduced to a white fabric triangle filling the foretriangle. The real advantage of a well made racing sail is an enormously wider wind range, because they are lighter weight and cut slightly fuller they can be carried into a lower wind range, which for a cruiser translates to more sailing days/ less motoring time.

Because they stretch less they power up less at the upper wind range and so can be used into higher winds without heeling as much. All good stuff.

The shortcoming with Kevlar sails is that they need to be treated a little bit more carefully, as it taken down and carefully rolled or folded when not being used. Not flogged with reckless abandon. Not left for weeks in the sun. And not sailed with the sail partially furled. If that is done, a racing kevlar sail will outlast a dacron sail every time. The worst of all worlds for a boat your size seems to be polyester filament/mylar film laminates, which seem to have the bad characteristics of the other options.

Now then, I am a bit skeptical that this sail will actually fit your boat properly. Racing sails are cut for very specific deck and spar layouts, boat weights and so on. Small changes to the sail lead and angle of attack make big differences in how well the sail works. There is much more to a performance oriented sail than the length of the luff, clew and leech. I would suggest that you agree to a sail trial on the boat before modifying it in any way.

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