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I think you are very lucky. You have gotten some EXCELLENT advice from every one who has answered you. Stay in school, if possible, or learn a good trade: electrician, plumber, diesel mechanic. I''m in middle-age now and and have seen friends say things just like you have.

Some of them have gotten their act together, gone to school, worked hard and worked their way up. I don''t know anyone who can''t say that they wish they had gotten a better education. These people worked very, very hard to get to the point in life where they can enjoy the prosperity that most people do enjoy in this country; a car, a house, a wife and kids--well-fed and happy, TVs, CD players, backyards.

Others have rebelled at the system and gotten angry when they find themselves at 45 years old and can''t afford to keep their cars running and no one wants to help them because they tired of bailing out someone who refuses to manage his own life properly.

You said, "I read books on my own, i dont like being dictated opon by some lady or some facist." I know what you''re saying, but life in a port has more to do with obeying authority that you may think. If this country is tough, remember that out there governments can be very fickle towards you and very uncaring and very, very corrupt. And if you even begin to consider relying on criminal behavior, such as smuggling, as an acceptable means of keeping your life of freedom on the water, you must know up front that you may have to pay a penalty far greater than being dictated upon by some lady or facist. Many countries are very big on prisons and have no public defenders office.

Don''t waste you chances at a life of happiness. Stay in school, or at least get a good trade. You''ll be happy you did.

Best of fortunes to you,
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