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Hey Guys, I am fairly new to this sailing thing in fact so new that I have never sailed before. I had been looking for a boat to purchase and live on for the last year or so, and I found one that well, let's just say it was love at first site. A friend took me to to see the boat back in Jan, as I was to meet up with some one who had told me about the boat. She ( my driver ) had taken some pic, with her camera phone and sent them to me. so I immediately started searching the net to try and identify it. I thought it was a Pearson, and it was not, I looked at Alberg, and it was not I looked at Morgan and it was not and even looked at a host of others that came close but they were not it.
So finally after being frustrated and ready to buy this boat, iI had a friend take me over to see it again and fortunately the owner was home, so I had asked it was for sale, and yes was his answer, to my delight.
Now for the best part, it is at the momment affordable.
Second, it happens to be a 1965 Grampian Classic 31.
So after the ooooooh's and ahhhhhhhhs's I went to look at her again last week to make sure that I really wanted this vessel and took a boat mechanic with me, and like most old boats unless well maintained they need a lot of work. and this one is no different.
well perhaps worse.
One of the the first things that I had noticed was some pitting in the keel, like little holes I think, then some small blisters, then as I was doing the walk around I noticed that the prop came in 2 pieces which my mechanic took of while trying to turn the shaft.( the boat is out of the water).
It did have a bout 4 inches of rain water in it, because the hatch was deteriorated and the companion way was open.
i went back today to take some pics to see what I was going to tackle first, and I guess build a mental and visual image of how to accomplish the many tasks at hand.
The water was removed the hatch was still open and I was able to get a real good visual in the cabin. Plenty of standing room but realisticly theres a ton of cosmetic work that will have to be done.
There is some mold just about every where, the cushions will need to be replaced, the cabinets more than likely will need a refit. The head is original so I may have a problem with the DEC and other agencies, and did I say I really like this boat?
One thing for sure is that I want it because I will be living on it.
the other thing it that it will be ( for a lack of better terms my school of hard knocks) learning about glass work and refitting and so on.
I do have a, well at the moment plan of attack, and that is get rid of the unwanted stuff as well as un usable, get the hatch covers taken care of, clean, clean, clean, place the mast on 2 or 3 support stands, to get it off the cabin and pulpit, setup the batteries and solar panels to have some lighting, and I know all of the floor panels will need to be replaced and perhaps a good deal of carpentry.

I am probably, no I will need all the info I can get concerning this vessel.
My mechanic didn't seem to notice any thing that can't be repaired, although the engine my need to be rebuilt since the owner believes that it is original, and it does turn but I am sure it will be better if it is.
It is a Volvo penta diesel,1 cyl.? something like that and perhaps I may be able to replace it wit a rebuilt something else.
I did read some thing about it being a steel or iron keel, it does weigh about 7,000lbs and the hull is about 6,900lbs, i am in hopes that this will be the perfect live-board project.
Any way, all info will be appreciated. Sincerely, TidyKat
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