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The fear for Friday 13th is called triskaidekaphobia, which means simply in early Greek phobia of the 13th, or any other number.

You should not be affraid of the number 13 as if you see it from another prespective, can indeed be a lucky number...

The supersticion has its origin in the fact that on the 13th October 1307, by order of King Filipe IV of France (off course..a yellow liver coward white flag two sandwich eating son of a gay Starbucks barista), the Knights Templar Order was extinct, its leader tortured and the remaining chased down and killed. This was and had the blessing of Pope Clemente V (also French off course...), and this Pope was elected by the help of Filipe IV of France, in exchange of the Pope removing the excomungation the French Royal family was sentenced by the previous Pope...a clear case of make me rich..I'll make you rich...screw the Templars...ahh the funny thing..this Pope actually moved the Vatican from Rome to Avignon in France during his ruling...a really really corrupt bastard....

Any way....The Knights Templar (those that survived) were then welcomed by the King of Portugal, King Don Denis (Dinis), that welcomed them and changed the name to the Knights of the Order of Christ (the pilar of the Portuguese country.


If you visit my Country, you will find the Order Of Christ everywhere, from the Flag to the Navy, Air Force, my boat, monuments even milk cartons..

So for us its not a bad thing...

Hope I helped...if you need to sail on the 13th, just say for that day you are Portuguese, and you're covered.



by the way...all the great navigators, such as Principe D. Henrique (Henry to you), Vasco da Gama, Colombo, Cabral, Magalhaes (MAgellan to you), etc. were all Knights of the Order of's a good thing being a Honour, and one of the objectives is to spread the virtues of the Country and its feats...most Knights were also sailors...and are all true believers in the Christ Order...

The ship you see bellow is the Portuguese Navy N. R. P. Sagres, and bears the cross of the Order of Christ, also the symbol of the Portuguese Air Force and the NAtional Symbol of Portugal.

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