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I'll be glad to supply details. Now one challenge applies two both generators. They were inexpensive. That means that one cannot expect them two be stable, that is deliver a proper 50HZ (60Hz) sinus alternate current. If one chooses an inexpensive generator one must on the other hand have a charger that accepts varying tension (volt) output and a modified sinus curve. And one need a pure sinus-curve inverter that delivers pure sinus wave current to delicate application like computer, TV etc.

One other challenge is that this diesel-generator is quite noisy. So I had do some work two reduce the noise. That is put on suspenders, like the ones one is using on an engine, and I had to improvise a muffler. The dimensions of the tube of the exhaust terminal of the generator do not fit with any standard dimension for tubes, so I had to join an aluminium exhaust-tube into the inside of the diesel-exhaust-tube and fasten it together by cutting open a beer-can as a sheet and roll it around the joint and fasten it with tube clamps. (Like we did in the -60ties with cars when a hole appeared in the exhaust outlet )

Hope this is illustrating:

The price was equivalent to about $ 1500. It came with an electric starter by the way, which is very good for me. That is recommended. A recoil starter on a diesel engine may be a challenge one wants to pass.

The weight is about 70 kg. (150 lbs), so it is wise to make a final decision of where one wants to place it. It really is a little monster to lug about. I have placed it on the aft deck.

Rated frequency (Hz)50 & 60
Rated voltage (V) 110, 220, 230, 110/220, 120/240
Rated current (A) 12.2 13.8/27.5
Rated output power (KW)2.8K(50HZ),3.0KW
Peak output Power(KW) 3.0KW(50HZ),3.3KW(60HZ)
Rated rotation speed (rpm)3000 3600
DC output 12V8.3A
Power factor (cosf) 1.0/0.8
Phase number Single phase
Noise level [dB(A)@7m] 70-74
Overall dimension (LMH)[mm(in)]: 695475590 (27.3618.7023.23)
Dry weight [kg(lbs.)] : 65(143)
Structure type : Open-frame type
Coupling mode :Rigid couping by royor drive shalf
Engine type :Single cylinder,4-stroke,air-cooled,
direct injection,diesel engine
Displacemen [ml] 296
Compression ratio 20:1
Engine Rated power [KW(Hp)/rpm]: 2.8/3000 3.3/3600
Starting system CL:recoil starter E:electric starter
Rotation dircetion (View from flywheel) :Clockwise
Fule : 0#(summer)-10#(winter) light diesel oil: SAE10W30 (above CC grade)
Carton dimension:680*455*545mm

Hope this answers your questions?

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