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yea, sorry i seem to preach sometimes. But to me the sailing life does not seem all that hard. I mean there is not constant work and a boss,ect. It is not that expensive, unless you make it expensive(buying a expensive large boat, buying things you dont need, useing alot of fuel, ect). There is less sickness and desease. It does not appear to me as a extreamly hard lifestyle. I think working in a factory for your entire life, or being a buisness man for your entire life would be alot more stressful and cause alot of pain in your life. Almost everyone i know is going to college, military or at least graduating. I just see work, money, materialism, greed, ect as just illusions. I really dont want much, i dont have many desires, like owning a nice car, nice house, ect. Without a Diaploma you can still work at some places(making min wage of course) or you could just work under the table jobs(like many people just need laborers for there small buisness) but still you are making money and could buy a decent boat after a few years of saving up.
It really dont cost much after that if your living on your boat. theres the cost of food, repairs, docking(or just use anchorages), fuel(some people sail engineless on 20-30 footers), there is not really much other costs if you have already bought solar panels, GPS, VHF.
alot of the problems in life are just made by people that make them problems, Buddhist monks dont have many problems and they are mostly poor with nothing.
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