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Lauralee: Here''''s your fix.

I figgered it''d be quicker to put this at the top of the list rather than have you go looking for it:
O.K. I''ve sat for hours staring at my MD2B with manual in hand and found it mechanically simple all the way around (notwithstanding transmission repairs). I''ll bet my dinghy I could start that motor and keep it running.
1.) Change out all fuel lines with AYBC approved lines. If you''re sure everything is cool, then don''t.
2.) Using a foot pump (air mattress inflation pump) on the fill schnozzel to the fuel tank, with a little rubber elec. tape wrapped around to seal the fill hole, set up the pump (to blow, not suck).
3.) Two person job. There are two bleed screws on the back of the engine. One near the cold start button and one on the fine fuel filter. See manual. Use a box end wrench on the former, and, necessarily, a screwdriver on the latter. Back both out far enough to allow fuel to flow out of each. Don''t DROP these little &*(# ers. Don''t take them out all the way.
4.) Have person one start pumping air into the tank. Even though it''s vented, the vent can''t blow out air harder than you pump it in. KEEP PUMPING.
5.) The person with the (er 10mm?) wrench and screwdriver watches the bleed screws until no more bubbles or air comes out.
6.) Close the filter bleed screw (on top of the fine filter) when fuel runs clear first. It''s the first bleed screw in the fuel system. (As a side note, that rubber gasket at the top of the fine filter CAN leak if it isn''t seated correctly). KEEP PUMPING.
7.) Go to the bleed screw near the cold start button. KEEP PUMPING. When clear fuel is running, no air or bubbles, close it on the downstroke of a pump by the other person in the cockpit.

The problem is, I don''t believe the little hand lift pump in the fuel pump works well at all, and it won''t push the fuel all the way through to the injectors. EVERY YEAR I go through this with my MD2B and it holds for the balance of the season. I believe just once over the past 10 years it cut out due to lack of fuel. What''s happening is you''re getting just enough fuel to the injectors for them to run for just long enough to burn it, then air shows up in the system. Every year I change my racor and other filters, reseal everything and go through the pumping process. I can now do it alone. What it does is fill every possible void in the system with fuel up to the injectors. I''ve never pulled my injector lines to bleed it. You don''t have to. Never seen anyone else do it this way, but had a mechanic watching me one day say "good idea." Such is the result of starting from scratch with systems, with no preconceived notions, and figuring them out yourself. The rebuild on the engine, including new big end bearings on the shaft, is easy, but time consuming. I''ve taken the engine down to the shaft, collected all the parts and rebuilt it all the way up through. No mechanical experience. That was in 1998 and she still runs fine. Send me an address for my invoice.
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