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Magnusmurphy you said that i am stupid and "you''ll think back on this discussion and you will cry into your pillow." but why, could you or someone eles tell me why i am going to make a huge mistake? I am looking at it like i will save alot of money, buy a inexpensive sailboat(under $40,000) 27-40ft. Put atleast $10,000 in the bank, then after that i will be able to sail. Find some odd jobs when the $10,000 runs out. I am not really seeing the huge mistake in this. If it is a smaller boat u wont need as much fuel, even some people go engineless- thats a HUGE savings. Then other then that its just paying for food, mabey docking or use anchorages, and then paying for other governmental rip offs. It just looks like a easy life to me, i mean my father graduated from high school and became a machinist- he hated it it was hell to him worked for the company for 25 years. My brother graduated from high school and does masonary- he hates it. Alot of famous people are high school dropouts actors, scientists, inventors, musicians, ect. The criminal lifestyle does not require a highschool diapolma, its just the chance of going to prison for 1-100 years makes it not a good idea. Im looking at sailing as just a good life style, i think its better then working as a full time laborer for some corporation. If I am sounding very immature and naive to whomever is reading this, reply and knock common sense into me.
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