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looks like if we had gone today, it would have been perfect...

North winds all the way down from 14 to 17 knots, AND north swell!!!

We could easily have beaten records today...

Cascais was all day North winds (Nortada) and all day North 17 knots wind, plus 3 to 5 knots North current and swell..we'd do easily 16 or more SOG..bummer..

However so far Tuesday doesn't look that bad...if we veer Southwest for a while we may get good stuff...we'll have less swell but still North winds woooooeeeee!!!

As we approach Sines after (if the wind goes like that we'll do the 55 NM in less than 4 hours)..

Sines seems to be same stuff North winds and North swell but since we'll be arriving early afternoon, the wind will die a little..

Then next day, wednesday..crap all morning no wind till 12 to 1 pm as ususal..get the motor on and I will sleep and play with fred...install stuff on the boat...

However, as we approach Sagres at the end of the afternoon, things will get pretty fast.

Passing Sagres and the cape we would have 7 to 8 foot waves, from the North..I don't like those there..and 14 knot winds from the North...good for sailing fast..and some tumble dry

Then...all fun ends at 5 pm....

Wind dies...we're far from Vilamoura..more engine..and more sleep..

If these forecasts last and prove true..T34C, BF and Sailortjk will miss..

A HELL OF A SAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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