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Originally Posted by pegasus1457 View Post
The claim of the composting toilet manufacturers is that the solid waste decomposes in a matter of days into a non-odorous powder
If I were living aboard, or just onboard I would not want to wait "a matter of days" for it to stop smelling each time I used it. That's regardless of if the vent works or not. Our neighbors have a "honey tank" sitting on the dock and sometimes the smell is enough to knock you over and I'd really hate to have to live with that kind of smell aboard my boat on a daily basis. I know... They say it should not smell but poo mixed with air generally leads to one thing... STINK! (at least until it dries out)

I tend to agree with Lancer28; what's the difference between human, fish, bird, or seal/sea-lion poo? 100+ sea-lions hauled out on docks pooing in the water and on themselves in an abandoned marina at Pier 39; yet it's illegal to pump any human waste overboard on the other side where boats are berthed? A few months back there was a huge spill of sewage into Richardson Bay here in SF (a designated No-Discharge Zone); millions of gallons of untreated sewage. The water was considered clean 1 week after the spill. If that's the case; why is it that boats are considered "polluters" if waste is dumped within 3 miles of shore? Maybe it's to prevent large scale dumping by cruise ships near shore or inland?

Why is it that with "sanitizing" system like an 'LectraSan is OK to dump sewage into the water where it would otherwise be illegal (not in an NDZ but inland)? Seems like poo is poo regardless of if it has been sterilized, no?

We follow all of the USCG regs; but wonder what would the actual impact be if there were not discharge regs.

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