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I don''t think you sound immature,or naive.It sounds like you know what you want to me.That''s a good thing.So many people never know what they want.If I were your age,I would probably be doing the same thing you''re doing,but I would be doing it after I finished high school,and college,or a reason being,is that I basically don''t like having to work any harder than I have to. The first job I got after graduating high school was working for a roofing company.The work was hot,dangerous,and grueling.The next job I got wasn''t much better.After a couple of more back breakers,I decided to go back to school.I went to a technical college,graduated,and moved from back breaking work to a lot better pay and working conditions.It was that one move that enabled me to make the kind of money to do the kind of things I wanted to do--sail,and travel.It enabled me to charter boats in various locations in the world,buy the 26 foot boat I have now, and accumulate the savings I have now for my next bigger boat.The list goes on,but I think you get the idea.I think your way will work,but it will be that--work.As you''ve pointed out,crime doesn''t pay,so the only other thing that leaves is mundane,low paying,and hard physical jobs.As long as you can accept that,you''ll be o.k.It will take you longer to save to buy your boat,longer to save the money to live the dream,and longer to build up any kind of savings for retirement for after you can no longer sail.I''m sure there are others that have done it though.I have two sons a little older than you.Reading your comments remind me a lot of the things they used to say.I tried to tell them the same things I''m telling you,but they wouldn''t listen.They had to do it their way.They paid the price by the sweat of their brow.They saw the writing on the wall and eventually made some decisions that changed their lives for the better. They turned out o.k.,and I''m sure you will too. Good luck with your plans,and dreams.
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