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Lauralee: Here''''s your fix.

For God''s sake people! Of course you have to bleed the injector lines, and no, the lift pump will not do it, its not meant to. It only supplies fuel to the injector pump so that it can then pump fuel at very high pressure and low volume through the injector lines to the injectors, where the pressure overcomes the spring in the injector and fuel mist is squirted into the combustion chamber. This is why the injector lines are made of steel.
To bleed: first bleed the low pressure side of the system using the lift pump or the incredibly complicated and unnecessary method described above. Once you have clear fuel with no bubbles flowing to the injector pump, crack the fitting on the end of one injector line at the injector and crank the engine with the decompression lever pulled so that it will roll over easily and not start, make sure the thottle is on a little. Roll the engine over until you see little squirts of fuel coming out of the fitting. Tighted the fitting while the engine is still rolling over. Now do the other injector. Engine should now start and run. Rolling the engine over is the only way to make the injector pump operate and push clear fuel through the line. If there is air this line the air compresses instead of the injector spring and exactly nothing happens. It sounds like you''ve missed this last crucial step. This is very common and must be done to every diesel I''ve ever seen that has been run out of fuel. I can''t believe it hasn''t been mentioned already.
Be careful not to get tangled up in the flywheel or other rotating parts while doing this.
Also, if you find that the lift pump is barely working when pumping by hand, rotate the engine a little and try again. The lift pump is operating by a rotating cam. If the node on the cam has the lift pump fully compressed then it won''t work when you try pumping by hand. Rotating the flywheel a partial turn will remedy this.

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