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The rarity of this sort of thing is due to the causative factor, the initial damage done by the water intrusion. The fluid buildup, also called pulmonary edema, is commonly seen in medical conditions commonly referred to in association with heart failure. It also is seen in renal patients that are in fluid overload. The fluid has to go somewhere, and depending on their overall status, it may not move into the "thirdspaces" mostly in the extremeties. When it cannot move out of the cardiovascular space, it backs into the lungs. People with weakened hearts depend on diuretics to help remove excess fluid, because the cardiac output is insufficient to properly perfuse the kidneys. Being that heart disease is such a major health issue, dry drowning (due to pulmonary edema brought on by heart failure) is a common form of death. It, however, is not called this, probably since there is no initial physical drowning in the traditional sense....aaaaand it's not a very medical-sounding term.
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