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Originally Posted by PBzeer View Post
... though I reckon I'll get it from both genders.

Well, talk about strange twists and turns ...

I'm looking at the possibility of working for a woman (who does have sailing experience) as a handyman, while we get to know each other. Not really sure how good of an idea that is though. While it kills two birds with one stone, so to speak, it also seems as though it could put some rather large potholes in the road as well. Mainly in the form of perceptions.

There seems to be general agreement that neither of us is too sure about what we want, and that just becoming friends would be enough. So it would seem, there is no problem with expectations,...
Yes, you will get advice from both genders... And it's worth every cent that you pay for it too!

If I distill my understanding of the possible agreement, she has offered you to work for her as a handyman. Additionally, she is not precluding the possibility that "something more" may develop.

I suggest that you and she come to an agreement as to the terms of the "handyman" (James Taylor inference not intended) relationship. (BTW - is this on land or sea based relationship?) Agree, and document the hourly wage, provision for overtime, cost of materials, travel, etc... Please do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of in this aspect of the relationship.

With regard to the "something more" - If this develops, great. If not that should be OK by both of you too.

In your position, I would make the default assumption that this is a platonic relationship unless she initates something. I would, however show her the quality of the work that you do, and contrast that to the other hacks that may be in the same field.

Best of luck to ya...

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