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Originally Posted by gtod25 View Post
This statement is absolutely incorrect and I am NOT fear-mongering.

Hurricane Mitch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hurricane Iris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wikipedia not withstanding... my insurance company provides me with a graphic to explain their "hurricane box" as well as the coordinates. It is absolutely correct that the "hurricane box" from my insurance company does not include Belize, or most of Utila. Infact, the coordinates of the box include the east part of Utila, including the bay outside of town that most people anchor in, but just a little west of that main bay, and your outside the box. I have also thought about going to Curacao, and the box cuts the top of that island off too. I can provide the graphic, and coordinates if that is in question.

That being said, no doubt hurricanes have hit there, but my insurance (and they stated the coordinates are the same for most insurance companies) does not jack my rates up in these areas. Which raises the question, is the problem insurance coverage, or hurricanes. Ofcourse, the true problem is an actual hurricane, while the initial problem, and easily quantifiable problem is that of insurance coverage. If anchored outside of Utila and a hurricane comes... do you move the boat, or do you anchor the crap out of it (whatever that means) and ride it out in town (like alot of the islanders). Thats situation dependent.

When I mentioned fear mongering, I wasn't referencing people here... as I said, I was talking about my mom. And yeah, it sounds crazy for someone to buy a "cheap" boat, and sail it in unfamiliar waters, having spent no more than a few months learning it, with days spent offshore... but to me, thats the stuff of life. Sure, it might end in death (I wish you no harm buckeye), but it is still the stuff of life, and of living.

No doubt its crazy. No doubt people generally want to live, and generally don't seek to die. No doubt it would be safer to learn alot more, and spend more time, and more money... I do not argue with that. But... it might not be "better", which is something that each person has to determine for themselves as to what "better" means. For me, better is living a little edgy, and maybe less "safe".

But... and this might get into a bigger discussion... at what point is it foolish? Thats pretty personal I think too. I bet every person here could tell a personal story that someone else would think was foolish... yet they would tell it with zeal, and excitement. Its a problem of choice, and I honestly respect everyone's opinion that has been shared here, I just have a different one.

Everyone here reads sailing stories. How many of you read the ones where the person heading out has a great adventure? How many books have been written about the sailor who worked in their cubes day in and day out for 3 years, taking trips when they can, slowly outfitting a boat with what they needed, and then taking a no "simple" trip to Honduras? Its personal, but I would rather be in the book where the adventure happens, than be in the book where the sailor sits in a cube for 3 years looking at photos of where other people are.

Again, I do not mean to offend anybody here, and do honestly respect the opinions of the others who have shared on this topic.


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