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Satalite TV on your boat???

After acknowledging my “love of electronic gadgets” here this morning, I had hoped that there would be others that would step forward and admit that they too, share the affliction. Professionals say that the first step in recovery is the acknowledgement of the dependency. Don’t worry my brethren, there are others amongst you. I know first hand the frustration you feel when your wife,husband,significant other, or crew member tells you “that what-you-ma-call-it is beeping in the cockpit.” Or “that thing of ma jigs screen has gone blank.” I know the cruel humiliation you endure when you try to unsuccessfully demonstrate the advanced features of an electronic device to others, only to have the device mock, and torment you. Has your audience read the 200 page manual for the device? I don''t think so!Sure, they might know some basic function keys you’ve shown them, but they are eons away from your superior knowledge and understanding of the device. In your moment of defeat,all you can offer your audience in an effort to save face is a pitiful “well, it was working fine awhile ago; I don’t understand what’s wrong with it.” To add to the degredation, your audience responds with “that’s o.k.., I’m sure it works fine, maybe there’s just a loose wire or something?” The electronic device knows that you’ll come back to it no matter how it ridicules you. It knows that you’ve become dependant on it, and how you feel you must master it. It teases and taunts you by working fine when no one else is around to witness its advanced features. Yes, my brethren. I’ve seen you hurriedly scurrying down the docks with your new electronic device under your arm. The scowls you give when others ask “what’s that you’ve got,” and “can I take a look at it?” Once the devise is installed on the boat and working properly, you can’t wait to show off your new trophy. But alas, this is when the battle begins to prove who the Master really is.Oh,my brothers and sisters. Step out into the light. There is strength in numbers. You are not alone!
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