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Originally Posted by bruceyp View Post
Your video makes it look like a 15 minute job. I have been messing (the nicer term) with this for 2 hours and I haven't gotten the first cover inserted. I am using Samson fids 5/16" dia. on 5/16" line. After removing the core from the first section of cover, I can't even put the fid through the empty cover, not to mention getting past the crossover. I went down to a 1/4 " dia. fid and I can barely fit that through once I get past the crossover. I am pulling on the core to bunch up the cover. This is off the shelf West Marine double braided line.
I had similar problems doing Eye Splices but I managed to get them done by going up the core 1/3 of the way and then coming out of the cover and then reinserting the fid into the exit hole, going up 1/3 more , etc.
What in the world am I doing wrong?
First,what brand fids are you using? Second, are you using a lubricant on the fid?
I'll check back later, I need to go sailing.
Thanks KH.
I'm sorry you are having a difficult time of it.
I would try to use the smallest fid that I could still attach the cover to.
I made my own fids, but the only major difference between mine and Sampson's is that I tapped the open end so that I can screw it on to the taped end of the line. I sometimes have to do a lot of splices and that turned out to be a time saver.
I don't use a lube although I have used a little baby power when doing splices in Sta-Set X. You might try that. Oh, and buff the fid on a wheel to a high polish it if it has been on the boat for awhile.
I would think that with a 1/4" fid you wouldn't have any trouble passing it through.

You say the line is West Marine Double braid. Thats Sta-Set, right?
Maybe you could post a photo or two of the attachment to the fid and the point of the splice where you are having problems.
Hang in there. After you have done it a couple of times I promise it will get easier.

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