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Originally Posted by stu9000 View Post
Thanks for all the advice. I didnt even get a sense of anyone laughing their ass off. Im assuming that this is because youve got your own disaster stories. It would be good therapy for me if anyone wants to tell all here!
OK, I will give you a chuckle. It happened while I was building this:

(that stupid experimental lug sail may be a bonus laugh)

I built it on forms upside down. You lay in strakes working your way out from the center and you can do 2 boards (1 per side) a night if you want to be conservative and careful. Do those sound like words that describe me? One night I decided to try to do a second one because the first one fit so snugly. In retrospect, this was amazingly stupid, because I had spring clamps holding it directly to the form at intervals down the entire length which I replaced with a single batten only secured at the ends. It did not have near as much force holding it in place. But it seemed to work, so I gooped up the edges and started clamping the next board in. I made it all the way down when the upper board started to move a little. I got my hands on it and got it back int the proper position, but the clamp on one end of the batten popped off. I had one hand close enough to the end of the batten to hold it in place without the clamp and the other providing pressure on the middle of the batten (that lack of pressure was the problem with the idea). Looking around the garage, I saw a few things that might work to weight the batten, but if I let go, it would slip apart. It was late and my wife and kids were already in bed. I had kind of pushed pot life doing so much in one session, so it was only about an hour and a half until it set enough not to slip. I stood there holding it thinking about what an amazing genius boatbuilder I was...

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