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Fixing wood tender

Lots of theories on that one. If you don''t need the structural strength of an inner layer of fiberglass to keep the boat stiff, it may make more sense to leave off the inner layer. The boat will be lighter, and (theoretically) moisture in the wood will be able to evaporate through the wood and (theoretically) not rot. Not applying fiberglass to the inside also means a lot less work - especially if there are any ribs, floors, and other small pieces to ''glass around. The other theory is that covering the wood on both sides keeps the wood between permanently dry so it will therefore not rot. Woodenboat''s forum probably goes into this discussion two or three times a week. Our club has a whitehall-style workboat estimated to be about 80 years old (as old as the club) which was ''glassed on the outside and left just painted on the inside about 25 or 30 years ago. The "Admiral" is used year ''round for taking workmen & their gear out to boats, fishing up dropped mooring pennanats, icebreaking for the frostbite fleet, and retrieving the occasional frostbite swim-team member. Some of the ribs are looking a mite tired, but she still floats.
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