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Originally Posted by jdair101 View Post
Hi All
Ok- over the winter I installed a new Standard Horizion QuestX 1500. I liked the idea of the distress mode when hooked to the chart plotter.
I'm hoping to get either that radio, or an Icom 402 or 422 for that reason, and because each of those supports a RAM, so we would be able to use the radio from the cockpit.

Originally Posted by jdair101 View Post
That is when I discovered that I can't transmit. The tx light comes on on the display but there is nothing going out over the airways.
Well we know the PTT (push-to-talk) circuit is working, at least.

Originally Posted by jdair101 View Post
The antenna was new last year so I don't think it's that.
Did you test it with the old radio after replacing the antenna? Did you test it with the old radio just before replacing it?

Next time: Suggest you test a new installation as soon as possible after completing the installation, rather than waiting until you need it or want to use it.

Originally Posted by jdair101 View Post
Anyone got any ideas--- could it be the antenna leads even thought it receives ok????
How do you know you can receive "ok?" You're hearing more than hiss? Is your 1500 receiving better than your hand-held? (It should be.)

Originally Posted by jdair101 View Post
I did e-mail Standard today but it could take 72 hours for them to respond.
I don't think they're going to be able to help you much from what you've described. I could be wrong...

Second the earlier suggestion of an emergency backup antenna. You should have one, anyway, for, you know, emergencies . And they make a handy test/debug tool.

Maybe you have a friend that has an SWR bridge? (Also called an "SWR meter.") If you're really lucky, and have a Ham Radio friend that uses VHF, maybe even somebody that has both an SWR bridge and a low-power dummy load. A plain old multimeter may be able to tell you something about your coax and antenna, but you'll almost certainly have to go up the mast (I'm assuming a masthead antenna) to do that.

This looks like a decent article on the whole thing: VHF Marine Antenna Fundamentals.

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