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Originally Posted by fawcettm View Post
Hi ,I know this is an old post and lots of input, we have cats aboard for about three years now and theylove it, I mean really love it, one cat who at home talks non stop is so relaxed on board and the other smiles if you know what I mean.
I would like to know though what others do about the litter box? we have ours in our wet locker room but it is always in the way, we use non clumping so that there is no buildup in our bilge pump hoses if any gets out of the box, and as you all know it gets out of the box.....daily cleaning......we love our cats on board, but is there any other options?

Hi Mark.
What I've done for a litter box is use a large rubbermaid type container with a cat-sized opening cut in one end where the cat enters.
And as was mentioned earlier, I too use a green, fake grass mat to help clean their little paws as they exit.
I can leave the lid on the container and she gets a little privacy.
Cats are kinda modest after all.
Also we don't have to look at it and whatever odors that are inevitably produced, can be partially contained as well.
I am not a live aboard now but have had a cat aboard when I did.
I think that the hassle of having a pet aboard is outweighed by the benefits.
One last note, in case you haven't thought about it: get the cat a nice little travel container to use as a safe refuge aboard the boat. She will have a place to go when she get scared. Rough weather, loud strangers, etc. You can also use it to contain the cat when you know that she is in danger or is being too much of a nuisance. Some cats don't seem to know that the main salon table is off limits during dinner.
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