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Well, I bought your problematic boat.
The CT 47 Tall mast has the sloop (actually cutter) main mast, and then it has a moderate sized mizzen, on top of a very modern Kaufmann Ladd under body. 38 foot lwl and about 30,000 lbs.

The small mizzen looked pretty much undisturbed and undisturbing in 2000 miles of sailing the Carribbean. The ketch ran right up to 9.3 in a particular flat water squall between Yucatan and Cuba, and it was as smooth as a babies behind.

My most necessary improvement will be to immediately get a max prop before I surf the darn shaft out of the vessel entirely.

I got the Ketch because I though it represented a CRUISING boat, I know that sloops are all better for performance in every way except when stuff goes to heck and you wake up with a requirement to reduce sail in a howling wind, and you have to run up forward upon the deck and do stuff.
I run a sailing club, and we wanted a bigger boat to train people for Cruising. I thought that multiple masts would help a lot in teaching people to review the effects of one sail trim upon the other(s)

We had a couple of surprizes on the recent open ocean voyage, and the ketch was easier to reduce sail on because the main mast was closer to the central cockpit, which is yet another consideration.

I came from an Alden schooner, but before that a C&C 1 tonner sloop, so I have tried a few things.

I think that if you know what you are doing, and you are not racing into the wind, or straight downwind, the hull makes more difference than the rig, given the same amount of sail area.

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