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For snoring, I have been diagosed with sleep apnea - and it sounds like you have it also.
They have a device called a CPAP (Continuous Pressure Air Provider - I think). It's a face mask that blows air up your nose, which causes a vacuum in your mouth if you try to breathe using your mouth (which you must do to snore) prevents mouth breathing and alleviates snoring. That's a layman's definition. It is sadly only available with a perscription, see your doctor. Not getting good proper sleep is a causal factor in MANY other aliments.

Mine works on 110, 220, and 12v. It draws all of 1 amp per hour and is roughly the size and weight of a half loaf of bread. My wife loves it. Took no time at all for me to adjust to wearing it in bed, now I can't even nap without it because it doesn't feel right to sleep and it not be there.

I learned to sleep anywhere, anytime while I was in the Navy - aircraft being catapulted off the deck 10 feet from your head (forward comm berthing on USS America); ballast tanks venting into your berthing space (forward operations berthing USS Ponce) or blowing holding tanks 5 feet from your nose (crew berthing USS Will Rogers) - nothing stops me from sleeping when I decide the time is right. It's a learned trait of many in the military.

As to monohull sleeping. Buy a catamaran. That's how I fixed the problem - PM me when you are in the Annapolis area and I'll take you out for a day sail sometime.
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