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I am disappointed in the calculations, not the boat. I probably should have placed a rolleyes up there, but I didn't (and don't) want to imply that they are totally useless; they just don't seem to be geared toward evaluating this type of boat. I was hoping they might give me some insight but some of them grossly conflict what I know about the boat from experience. It will plane as well as surf so I knew that number was not a big deal. Some N17 owners beef up the motor bracket and go with a light outboard in the 10HP range to make them somewhat like a smaller version of a boat that gets a rather MiXed reception around here. The PO told me he was just getting it on plane with a Honda 5 (which I did not buy as he wanted as much for it as the boat) and I have not had a chance to try my old-but-new-to-me Sea King 5 yet, which is (hopefully) one of my improvements.

I have roller reefing.

I am planning to add one or two cockpit drains out the transom. One of the few design decisions I don't like is that the cockpit only drains through one hole near the companionway into the keel trunk. Besides the possibility of slow draining if pooped, it is a pain at the car wash - it is not the low point when it is on the trailer attached to the car. Another N17 owner put an inspection hatch in the cockpit floor at the transom which he opens at the car wash and lets it drain out the bilge and some have added transom drains. I am planning to add at least one drain back there.

I also plan to add some D rings so I can lash things down. Floating things don't displace water very well.

My hatch can be closed and secured, though the current arrangement can only be well sealed from outside and not opened from inside when sealed. I am planning to make a door for it that slips in as a one piece hatch board. The current one is a two piece.

I would really like to come up with something for a keel lock. I have heard that mentioned before. Ideally, it should be quickly/easily engaged/disengaged so as not to lose the ability to haul it up quickly if I get in too shallow.

Thanks for the encouraging words. For a lot of reasons, a bigger boat just isn't in the picture in the near future. I am so darn good at justification I have to run around asking people to poke holes in my plans for me though.

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