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Well, first, if your doctor does not want you to get a Sleep Study, he is not getting a big enough referral fee...yet! Yes, I have Apnea per the tests, and I have a CPAP which I use regularly, and yes, it has stopped my snoring. I don't think that I sleep any better, in fact maybe not as well. My wife thinks it is the greatest thing in the world because I don't snore anymore.She sleeps much better!!!!!! Question for others: Has anyone ever done a sleep study and been found to NOT have Sleep Apnea? It is the new disease dujour.

To your real questions. Yes, you can do 101/103 and stay ashore.You can take 101/103 and usually charter the 30' teaching boat for the next 1/2/3 days which will let you know if you can sleep on the boat. Take one of your kids with you and they will certainly tell you how loud you are in the plastic shell
104, or 104/105, are usually cruising trips, so that may be an issue unless you test through 104 which would not be that hard based on what the course covers. 105, the navigation part, you really don't need to take 114. 104 is a requirement, and I have no idea why. I took 114 and went home at night, but that does not get you a berth to test. Usually there is a limit of 4 students in 114 and the captain at the school that I took it at did not spend the night aboard. That leaves four berths, some small, for four people. How bad could it be if they threw you overboard because you were so loud.?
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