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C&C 30 - 32 - 33


Actually the two 33s represent two generations of design and are very different boats. The 33 mark I is a second generation C&C, while the 33 Mark II and 30 Mark II are third generation.

All C&C designs (except Landfalls) are performance boats positioned towards to the racing end of the racer/cruiser spectrum, although they can be cruised if you are comfortable with the limited amenities for the size.

The second genration designs (and first for that matter)have solid glass hulls constructed like the proverbial brick shithouse - I remember humming along at 7 knots under spinnaker when we bounced our C&C 30 Mark I over a rock, actually knocked everyone of their feet!, leaving a fist-size knuckle in the leading edge of the lead keel. Took about 30 minutes to fill the knuckle the next Spring.

In the third generation boats C&C went for greater performance (and lowered costs) by coring hulls. These hulls can''t take abuse like the older ones, and if damaged, can become expensive repair jobs for subsequent owners. No criticism of C&C here, just the risk of most cored bottoms.

I believe the C&C 32 is sort of a cross-generation boat (cored above the waterline?), which looks like a big C&C 30 Mark I and I''d buy one in a minute. The 30 Mark II and 33 Mark II are beautiful boats which I would enjoy owning, but would be hesitant to buy. We recently spent a year looking for a C&C 35 Mark II (second generation) while passing by a dozen nice 35 Mark IIIs (third generation) before we moved onto another marque.

Good luck. (I know there are different POV on cored hulls, this is jmy opinion based on my experiences with these boats.)
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