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If you don't know how to anchor... DON'T !!!!!!

That's it, I'm fed up and need to vent. Go ahead and flame me for it but I'm at my wits end here..

This weekend my wife and I, with the baby, were anchored over night in beautiful little Maine coast spot. The holding in soft but good and I've anchored there over 100+ times with zero issues and never once a drag.

On Saturday it was totally benign and glass like but NOAA had been calling for winds building overnight. Well, to make a long story short, a 40+ foot Rival, hailing from Edgartown Martha's Vinyard comes in and drops anchor in front of us while we were off hiking the islands trails.

As I came back from hiking I looked and saw an all chain rode hanging vertically as they do when it's calm. No way to really tell scope! About 3:00 a.m. in the morning the wind began to fill in from the SW at about 12-15 knots. I woke up and checked the harbor every half hour and all was fine.

At about 6:30 am I poke my head up and the large Rival from Martha's Vineyard is bearing down on us and we are about 40 feet away from spearing her about mid ship. I immediately hopped into the dink and, as I've done before, because this is all to common, rammed my bow under her quarter stern and cranked the throttle wide open while smacking the hull as loudly as I could to rouse the occupants.

Within seconds a "friend" comes on deck and and just stares. I yell to him to get the motor running or the sails up as they have little time before they are on the rocks. This boat was heavy and I was barely able to push her stern clear of our boat with my small 4hp out board. I managed to squeeze the dink between the two boats to prevent "glass on glass" and his rudder snagged on my anchor rode. A quick push with the oar on my rode made it slip down off his rudder. Whew!

By now it had been a very long pregnant pause of at least 90 seconds before the owner pokes his head up on deck. He finally starts the engine and proceeds to back his boat up! At this point I again see him heading for my hull and ram his stern with my dink again to shove him off.. I managed to protect my boat, a second time, but I'm fed up with IDIOTS like this!!!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you have no clue how to anchor, set an anchor or even know what the word SCOPE means DO NOT anchor and find a marina or rent a mooring! Perhaps I'm a magnet for anchoring morons but this is the second major close call dragging we've had this season alone and both were in very, very MILD conditions where there is NO excuse for dragging.

These idiots need to understand they are dealing with five to seven figure investments and careless moronic behavior will not be tolerated, at least by me, anymore. Of course these numb skulls clearly are NOT reading sailing forums or they would, by now, know how to properly set an anchor!!

I have added a photo of the offending boat so that if others encounter this fool you will know to steer clear!!

I challenge everyone who encounters an "Anchoring Idiot" to do the same, post a picture of the offending vessel, so that others will know who these clueless fools are and who to steer clear of in anchorages. Perhaps some public "internet" humiliation will change behavior? Nothing else has.....

There is NO f'ing excuse for dragging an anchor in 12-15 knots! This anchor was clearly NEVER set properly!! I also saw witnessed NO scope markings on the chain so I'm guessing he measures scope through mental telepathy??

Please learn how to anchor before you endanger other peoples lives and property!!!!

WARNING, WARNING, WARNING DO NOT ANCHOR ANYWHERE NEAR THIS BOAT !!!!!! HE IS CURRENTLY IN MAINE!!! If you know this fool please let him know that yachtsmanship like his will not be tolerated here in Maine!!

-Maine Sail / CS-36T

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