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I bought a 30 footer for 500.00.....

Its a Schock, Santana 30 R/C, 1980 model. I won a Salvage Auction. The Boat crashed into a rock reef in southern California. Here is the damage report:
a) The keel was ripped out of the keel stub.
b) The rudder was broken
c) The prop and shaft were bent/damaged
As you can tell all structural damage was below the water line. The other problem is, the boat tipped while the salvage team was pulling it off the rocks and the boat filled up with water and sunk for a short time before it was craned onto the salvage barge. The boat will be here this weekend. I am having it shipped from California. I will have to go through everything and start to make a repair schedule. I have been employed by a major Helocopter Company where I learned Composite Fabrication which included vacuum bagging fiberglass, kevlar and graphite layups and repairs. I have also worked with my Dad and restored 3 Sailboats in the past 15 years. So I know I can handle all the structural repair on this boat. The area where I will have problems is with the restoration of the various electrical and mechanical systems on this boat like the 13 h.p. Volvo, the stove and electronics ect. ect... As far as I know the main damage will be stuctural. I already found a Company that will make me a custom Keel for $3,000.00 dollars, so I hope to improve this boats performance so it will be a better racer than it was before. I have 6 Brownell Sailboat stands coming in a few days so I will be all set up to cradle the boat securely. I never thought I would win the bid on a racey 30 footer for 500 bucks, but I guess the missing keel scared everyone away. This boat sleeps 6, has a nice Galley and head and is a very fast looking design that can easily compete with J/30s, Tartan 10s and the likes of other fine racing Yachts. It will cost me about $2,000.00 to get the boat delivered to Texas (where I live) and $200.00 to have the mast popped off, and $200.00 to crane the boat onto the deliverers trailer and $150.00 to get it off the trailer once it gets to Texas, also the boat stands cost me 500 bucks. Anyway, you can see that this project is going to cost some decent money to do it the right way. In closing I will just say I am excited and think this projest will be challenging and fun, and once I put it on the local lake I will get great pleasure when I smoke some other racing yachts at our local yacht club. I will be very open to anyones advice and past experiances in Yacht re-building /repair. John.
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