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Double-ended Ferries, Which end is front?

I don''t really know where to ask this, this messageboard might not even be right for it, however if you''ll bear with me please:

In light of the dock bashing by the Andrew Barbieri several people on a railroad/transit oriented messageboard,''s Subtalk, were asking which end is the front end of a Double-Ended ferry. I grew up in Seattle around Washington State Ferries, yet I never thought to ask myself that question.

Perhaps you can help me out, is there any differance between the one end of the boat an another end? One example a poster on the rail board used was a subway car, it''s got cabs at both ends, and can travel in both directions, but you''ll only find the Air Brake handle at the A end, thereby making that the ''front'' end. Is there anything similar on a Double-Ended Ferry? Would the Captain know which end was toward the bow, or would the boat''s front end be defined by the direction of travel. To complicate things, the Barbieri class uses Voith-Schneider Cycloidal propellors, and, IIRC, even when placed in tandem, both operate throughout the cruise of the boat, so you can''t even say that the end of the boat powering the ferry is the stern.

Anyway, hopefully it''s not too rhetorical a question, and thanks in advance for any and all answers.
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