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Originally Posted by halekai36 View Post

The clamps on the other page are likely AWAB hose clamps and they are all I use on my boat. They don't have the perforations in the band but rather stamped gears and as such are much more reliable.
May be, but they're something like $2-$3 apiece! $30 for 10 hose clamps?

Originally Posted by halekai36 View Post
Is your thru-hull 1/2"?
Wellll... It would seem our entire raw water system is... kind of a hack. Friend at ours sail club looked at it Sunday and pointed-out that the thru-hull is actually 3/8". That's adapted up to 1/2" for the ballcock. The adapter off that has a 1/2" NPT fitting and what looks like a 3/8" right-angle hose barb. Being as a 3/4" male-male adapter that I use on a hose extension for feeding the system a bucket-full of anti-freeze for winterization fits in, I believe the hose is 3/4". The Oberdorfer pump I believe has 1/2" fittings.

I plan to "standardize" on 1/2" up to the strainer, and on the strainer's output. Then when I decide what to do with/about the impeller/pump, I'll probably address the hose up to that.

Originally Posted by halekai36 View Post
I really prefer the "sweep" elbows as in the full flow ones you showed. They are easier to snake and will also plug up less frequently than a regular "tight turn" 90 degree elbow..
That's what I figured.

It also appears the Groco straight .50" adapter is "full flow," as compared to the alternate straight hose barbs.

Originally Posted by halekai36 View Post
If I can get down to Hamilton today, I need to, I will screw some fittings together with the strainer and write down the PN's for you..
That would be terrific! Thanks, Hal!

I can just imagine receiving a box-o-parts and finding that one bit doesn't fit/match w/the others. Arrrrgh!

The WM just a couple miles down from our boat is expanding. Right now all they have is Groco strainers, and expensive at that. Not a real wide selection of adaptors and so-forth in the store. I'm hoping that they'll have a much wider selection of such things after they expand. They may be a bit (?) more expensive, but they sure are convenient.

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