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OK I am back. The boat actually appears to be Cutter Ketch, the owner bought it to learn how to sail and was evemn more clueless than I was if that were possible.

The hull is sound.

Did not find any meat hooks on the running rigging but figure on replacing it anyway, the electrical wiring for the DC appears to be shot out as the running lights are out...

Sails need to be replaced.

The mast and boom are made of wood and painted.



Thing is the bottom of the mast looks to be coming loose from its base by the looks of these screws... Nothing I can't handle I reckon.


The volvo purr's like a kitten. But I noticed dripping coming from where it went down through the hull where the green thing attaches to the brown thing. Other than that the boat is dry to the bone...

What is this?

Here is a sight with some other pic's...
Ketch Cutter

My question being posed to you all as I am sold on the boat realizing I am going to immediatly going in the hole for about 8-15k to get it where I want it which is somewhere in the blue...

BTW as I sat there listening to it to try and get resonating frequency I could hear it calling my name...

Now will someone please talk me out of it... be back later... Girls are dying to go and play now...
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