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Now that thecuban is in the middle of enjoying 16 hrs of beauty rest, I’ve had a smoke and a pot of decaf, I feel better.

I agree with Cam that you’ve got some reading to do, as well as the full keel thing. Although you'll be hard pressed to say that any of the below are rough on your sensabilites.
Brands to look at? Valiant, Hylas, Swan, Hinkley, Tayana.. Some around here like the Hunter49, but they just spent about 500k for one, so they should be excited about it. Eh?
Every boat is a compromise. Every hull, deck, construction technique brings distinct advantages and disadvantages, those being contingent on purpose, use, and to an extent…personal preference.

Cored vs. Solid? Valid arguments for both, personal preference is sold core, but balsa cored is good enough for Mr. Pearson, I ain’t arguing with him.

I don’t agree that FRP with composite reinforcement is going to be “easier” or lighter, or stronger for that matter. It hasn’t been around long enough for any "studies” to confirm or deny, all you’re going to get is opinion. For me, carbon reinforcement is a really nice idea, it works in many other industries, but how many of those gurus are building boat hulls? I’ll venture to say not too many.

If I’m going to out where the possibility of blowing snot is real, I want one heavy ass mo-fo of a tub under me. As far as space designated for fuel/water/tankage, that’s kind of the point of having a “Bluewater” boat isn’t it. I wouldn’t be concerned with space for trinkets, FedEx is everywhere. See that’s the “thing”… if you’re going out for awhile, the last thing you’d want is lots of space to knock about in.

Take a tour if you will of some of the boats listed above. You’ll notice the cabins and cockpits are relatively small compared to many others. I assume you know the reason why.

Please try to forget formulas and spreadsheets, this may not be a good analogy but that general said the best laid out war plan goes to hell right after the first shot is fired is right on. A “spec sheet” giving knots vs. weight is going to be next to useless. Bottom condition, water current and ambient temp, ports open vs closed, sails covered vs. loose, wind speed, wave action, far too many variables, get what I’m saying?

Electronics, gizmos, do-dads and gee-gaws…
Entirely personal preference. As many people swear by Raymarine as swear at ‘em.
If you’re going out for ‘awhile” consider Radar, EPIRB, GPS, Chartplotter & software, Satphone, (Iridium?) solar, Gensets, lapops and life insurance. Brands? Refer to personal preferences.

Single handing? Unless you were born with webbed feet, grew up on ocean going tubs, I’d be hard pressed to think someone with medium experiences would want to single hand anything larger than say 40-45 ft. (brings the life insurance into play again, eh?) Who is going to hook the mooring ball? Help with dock lines? A 5 kt wind against a 40 ft hull will spin you around pretty quickly.

find some people locally to you that have “larger” boats and ask them. We’re an opinionated bunch and most of us have no problem sharing them, even when not asked for ‘em. Ask them to show you their boat, what they’d like and what they’d change. You’ll learn a lot, fast.

Lastly, if you’re planning on a 6 month time frame, I’d start writing that deposit check to a chosen mfr soon if you’re going new. Lead times aren’t pretty unless they have “your” boat in stock.
Looking for a pre-owned? Theres literally thousands out there, some worth the bux, some junk. Its going to take a targeted focus to get what you’re looking for and outfitted in that time frame.

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