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chuckles, when i said "rocket science" I meant that in two ways. A venturi literally IS rocket science, using fluidics and pressure differentials and designing optimal venturis (aka "jets") is part of designing a rocket engine's combustion chamber and fuel mix system. So yes, it is rocket science.

And of course, at the same time, here it is NOT rocket science. The parameters are not critical, and nothing is going to blow up, or run out of fuel halfway to Mars, if the design is way less than optimal.

Sort of like the o-rings on the space shuttle booster rocket. O-rings are just plumbing, not rocket science. Until you hit one cold morning, and someone figures out that tapwater and rocket exhaust don't quite behave the same way. (You may remember that one, sadly the bosses thought o-rings were just plumbing.) Here, if it doesn't work...there's not much lost.

Some residential window AC units now use the condensate to cool the evaporator coils, apparently it stops the dripping and boosts the efficiency at the same time. Problematic on a boat, where the "evaporate" would also be inside the hull though.
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