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I bought a 30 footer for 500.00.....

My boat arrived on friday and all I can say is WOW.WOW.WOW. Here is my report. The Gelcoat is flawless through out the WHOLE boat. All chain plated are as good as new, strong dry NO water intrusion evidence what so ever. The mast and boom are in excellent condition, with a nice roller furling set-up all cars block ect are in great condition. The sails are all in VERY usuable condition and just need a little cleaning. The head works great, the plumbing is flawledd and the water foot pumps just keep on pumping. All the wood and teak cleaned up nicely and is in excellent+ condition, the seating and bedding cushions are being sent to the dry cleaners and I am real sure that they will be fine, and the only rason they were sent for cleaning is because they smelled like mildue. all hatches work fine and are in excellent condition. The head liner wasn''t even wet when I got the boat and I think the water didn''t touch them. I walked all over the deck and even jumped all over it and it was as solid as a rock, no weak spots what so ever. By the way, this boat is NOT a Santana 30/30 which is just fine with me. This boat is just the regular Cruiser/Racer standard Santana 30. This model has a lot of wood cabinets and shelfing and drawers and lots of wood trim too and lots of closet space and cabinet space. I really like the quality of craftmanship of the wood work there was no cheap looking wood work and everything was well thought out, strong, and functional and all doors and cupboards were ventilated with a nice looking wicker louvers. The steering is WHEEL. I love wheel steering and there is a nice back-up tiller should it ever be needed. Starboard cockpit locker has a refridgerant condencer mounted in it and a propane tank also and everythink is mounted very sturdy and neat. Deasel fuel tank is behind the engine under the cockpit and toilet wast tank is under port seat in cabin, and water tank is under starboard seat, all tanks are made of hard plastic. Now for the repair report.....

The keel is missing because I believe the bilge area water penatrated the keel bolts in the bilge and weakened the bolts and the wood blocks and also weakened the laminent glass stucture, and that is why this boat lost the keel when it went a ground. The bolts were left in place and just broke in half, which I think is a good thing because if the bolts were in good shape then the keel would not have fell off so easily and I would be dealing with a fractured glass structure. I am lucky because I have a very sound and strong stub left to work with and this will be a VERY EASY repair. The rudder is bent but I will be able to straiten it out and repair it pretty easily. The prop is bent up and the shaft is bent also, but the shaft channel seems to have ZERO dammage, no fractures or broken glass to repair. just need to find a new shaft, I wont need a new prop because I found a brand new on while cleaning out the port locker. ENGINE: I pulled the dip stick out and water spilled out so it looks like I need suggestions on what to do about the engine. Maybe I can take it apart and re build it or something. ELECTRICAL: I will have to replace the electrical junction board (buss board) need suggestions about the electrical. Of course I will need a new ultranator/generator. This is a Volvo MD7 A or B. 13 HP 2 CY. will also need new refridgerant system, need advise on this too, besides it looked like an old system anyway. Thats it. My 500 dollar boat. Its sitting on four boat stands from brownell (brand new ones that cost me 400 dollars) and some cement blocks with 2X4s on top are cradling the keel area. Its located on my Mother in laws 3 acre lot next to Her work shed. I spent 2 days going through everything and cleaning the hell out of it. Later.
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