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Originally Posted by GrahamCownie View Post

I'm really interested in what happened to you. The esteemed Mr Jordan (as in series drogues) states categorically that yachts don't sustain damage from beaking waves falling onto them. Rather it's the forces generated when boat falls off a really steep wave and slams into the trough that does the damage. Is that what happened to you?

We were all down below when the wave hit the boat so I have to speculate on what happened. There was no sensation that the boat was falling so I don't believe we fell into the trough.

My wife appeared to fly across the cabin but hindsight had us more believing that she more like fell across the width of the cabin as the boat was knocked down. It's difficult to get perspective of up and down at night in a closed environment.

I believe that the wave broke and hit the side of the boat at about the same time so the water that smacked into the hull wasn't aerated but pure blue. The wave washed right over the boat and rolled the boat onto it's side so it was a respectable size. The cabinetry in the forepeak ended up on the bunk. At daybreak a short while later we went on deck and the seas were huge and breaking all around us in 60+ kn winds. It's probably the only time I've been really frightened at sea.

As far as the esteemed Mr Jordan's assessments go, remember that largely he deals with vessels that are stern (or bow) on to the seas and we were beam on. There is an enormous difference between the two when it comes to energy absorption.

Anyway, as I say we never saw anything (and I'm really pleased we weren't on deck at the time) and can only offer opinions as to why we appeared to absorb so much of the energy.

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