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Originally Posted by Hartley18 View Post
Dunno why I'd never thought about it before, but an editorial in the latest issue of "Ausmarine" asked the question:

Given that a large percentage of cars and taxis the world over are running on LPG ...
LPG or LNG? I had thought cars in Europe and elsewhere that were running on gas, as opposed to gasoline, were running on liquid natural gas. But it's been quite a while, and I could well be wrong.

Scary thought, to me, motoring or sailing around with a large quantity of compressed-to-liquid gas right under/next to me, I gotta tell ya. There was a gas tanker, don't recall if it was propane or natural, that blew up off the coast of Spain quite some years ago. I'll never forget the pictures of the beach taken afterward. One of them was of somebody who'd been sitting in a beach chair, reading. The charred remains of that person were still sitting in the charred remains of that beach chair, holding the charred remains of the book. *shudder* Several years later there was a fire at a down-river refinery. That refinery has a big, ball-shaped liquid something-or-other gas storage tank on-site. (Used to be called "the baseball," because the refinery used to paint it white with baseball stitching.) It was touch-and-go for a while. (How touch-and-go, you ask? Well, the tank was scorched up 1/3 or so of one side.) The disaster people said if that tank had gone up, it would've taken a goodly portion of south-west Detroit out with it, and all of several smaller communities to the south and west. I regard myself as a (usually) rational person, but ever since those two incidents, every time I get near a liquid whatever gas truck, I mentally breath a small sigh of relief when it's out-of-site again.

Would have the advantage, on a boat, of being able to power both your engine and your stove, tho . A heater, too, were one so-inclined.

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