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Carlsbad...suggest you read the "prospective Tartan buyers thread" before you dismiss those of us who think there is more than clinging to old technology going on when we choose NOT to embrace epoxy.

As to carbon fiber are correct that the are no more likely to be hit by lightning than aluminum. On aluminum boats you are unlikely to need a mast replacement due to a strike since the rig usually stays up. If a carbon mast is damaged, you have to replace the whole thing. If you are a cruiser outside of the US...just try getting any work done in the Caribe or Mexico for example...whereas someone can always fix an aluminum mast.
Carbon has a lot of performance advantages and can eliminate the need for shrouds and chain plates and other conventional rig there is a place for it in the market but cruisers should be aware of the disadvantages as well as the advantages. I stand by my insurance issue...the guy with the Freedom here a couple of weeks ago specifically had the carbon mast excluded from coverage. This is not to say that others will not insure one...but you may be paying a premium for that coverage.

BTW...if cost is the only issue with Epoxy...why are MORE costly brands such as Hinckley, Oyster etc. not using it already? Hinckley is doing some carbon masts but chooses NOT to use epoxy.

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