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Important Notice regarding (the old SailNet List Server)

The server has been taken off-line. This was done for a number of reasons, but primarily due to declining activity on the lists and the movement of many list members to the forums here on the website.

We understand the importance of the information on the lists to many of the list members and it's for this reason that we've saved and archived all of the content from all of the lists and transferred that data to a new and special section of the website.

You can access all of the old list server messages here:

We've have created a number of new forums here on the SailNet website to replace the lists on the old SailNet List server.

You will find these new sections in the 'Boat Builder Row' Section of the SailNet website for brand specific discussions :


'Special Interest Groups' on the SailNet website for lists such as "Atomic4', "Chesapeake Bay' etc:

It's important to understand that previous list members still have the ability to get immediate email notifications when someone replies to a topic of interest to you and in addition you can choose a 'Daily Digest' or 'Weekly Digest' of threads (discussions) you're interested in here in the forums.

In addition you can even subscribe to all activity in a forum if you wish and receive immediate email notifications, daily or weekly digests too!

The SailNet forums offer many distinct advantages over the list server. Features include the ability to search, post photos, quote prior responses, and much more. The server that was being used to house the list server will be re-deployed very soon as the database server for the SailNet website giving us faster response times here on the SailNet website.

We are sure you'll be happy with the features you'll find on the SailNet website forums and our staff of moderators stand ready to assist you
in any way possible.

To access the archive of all the old list server messages click here:

Please remember that the SailNet website has many other forums besides the section created to replace the old list server.
Just to mention a few, they are: Gear & Maintenance, Buying a Boat, General Discussion, Cruising, Chartering, Learning to Sail and many many more.

Please join us in welcoming many of the prior list members over here to the SailNet website and help make their transition as easy as possible with help where ever and whenever possible.


SailNet Support
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