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Originally Posted by administrator View Post
Every one on every list was notified by email last night. ...
I wasn't. The only or entries in my mailserver's log since Aug. 3 are repeated attempts over the last two days to deliver what I find after-the-fact is undeliverable.

The only other things in there mentioning "sailnet" are several instances of this:
...reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 450 4.7.1 Client host rejected: cannot find your reverse hostname, []; from=<>...
I've no idea who "" is. Near as I can tell they must be spammers. Whomever is trying to send whatever from that address apparently doesn't know how to run a mailserver, that's clear.

I am not impressed by your handling of this. ISTM a more logical procedure would've been to, oh... I dunno, maybe tell your membership before you shut the lists down that you're going to do so?.


P.S.: I am kind of wondering, in a vague kind of a way, why somebody that looks, from their domain name, like a power-boating operation is trying to email me with a "From" of "sailnet-bounces@"... Kind of curious.
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