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YIKES!!!!! 30+ foot boats are expensive!!

Let me see if that I have this straight, even though you have never sailed on one you are convinced that the Schock 30 is a good cruiser. Even though the rating on these boats boats are nearly 60 seconds a mile slower than a J-30 or Kirby 30 you somehow think that these are equivilent race boats. Even though you don''t know enough about boat construction to know that a bulkhead that is fiberglassed-in is ''Tabbed'' (because that is what tabbing means) you are sure that Schocks must be well made boats that are somehow you think that they are of equivillent quality to a late 70''s Pearson 30, Hunter 30 or Tartan 30. Any even though you start this tread saying that you can''t believe how expensive it is to put a boat back together so you are clearly not on an unlimited budget, I am somehow the villian for failing to realize that you have bonded so deeply in the week or so that you have owned this turkey and having assisted in numerous efforts to rebuild old boats, and therefore tried to rescue you from yourself by pointing out to you that you have bought a boat with a reputation several notches below a Hunter of the same era and are planning to put more money in the boat than it can ever possibly be worth.

I guess it is like this. A divorsed friend of mine used to tell a story that her former mother-in-law never approved of her. Whenever her ex-husband would ask his mother how she liked his wife, the mother-in-law would say, ''It doesn''t matter. As long as you are happy that is what counts.''

I guess that all I can say to you is "Good luck and as long as you are happy that is what counts." You are clearly too in live with your hulk to listen to anything else.

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