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Originally Posted by administrator View Post
ps: the company that owns Sailnet also owns speedwake and uses their server for email bounce processing.
Maybe they should reconsider that, because whomever used to (?) administer and did a heckuva a better job than whomever is responsible for (Hate to sound like a typical sailor with an attitude about power-boaters, but, somehow, I cannot miss the irony.)

As somebody somewhat knowledgeable about mail server administration, mailing lists, bulk email, spam, network abuse, etc., I have a few suggestions: First: Try to avoid sending email from domain-B on behalf of domain-A whenever possible. There's no way the recipient can possibly know, for example, that email for a sailing site would come from a domain with a name more reflective of a power-boaters site.

Btw: Even somebody who knows how these things work would never know, even if they chose to look into it. and are registered to " LLC" in Thornton, PA, while is registered to "Speedwake LLC" in North East, MD. None of the domain registration information is common between the two.

Secondly: Get your email server(s) proper reverse DNS (PTR) entries. That reject line I quoted is becoming an increasingly widely-used test, either for spam/abuse scoring or for outright rejection (as my servers, both at home and at work now do).

Third: Fix your mail server's config. During email exchanges it's telling the world its name is "," but that hostname is at a completely different IP address. (That address has no rDNS either.) That mis-config will cause another negative scoring hit (tho not many out-right rejections).

Fourth: There is hardly a domain name that looks more "spammy" than "some-random-number.tld." Plus that domain's registration has nothing in common with those of Sailnet or Speedwake.

Lastly: If somebody registers at one of your sites with a certain email address, it's probably best to use that address just as it was given to you. Email from even the unknown-to-me-domain, even with all the above, would not have been rejected by my server had it been sent to the email address I specifically provided to Sailnet when I signed up. And, I would note, the email address to which mailing list traffic and PM notices used to be sent. Yes, it's a "tagged" address. I did that for a reason: To make certain Sailnets email was not rejected by my mailserver.

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