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Using "Virtual PC" software on a Macintosh?

Navimaq is a good navigation planning program but only works in the old OS9 operating system. Quintessence Design currently has no plans to update to OSX. They say on their web site that they no longer have the time to do the upgrade, but will continue to maintain the software.

I am using the microsoft version of MaxSea running on a G3 iBook 700 mhz, under VPC 6.1.1 - now owned by MS. It works and works very well. All features are available. It is slow, but, only when you are setting up your course (entering waypoints, etc). During on water navigation, the boat moves slower that the computer, so who cares - it works.

I will be getting a new powerbook when they upgrade them to the much faster G5 processor, AND microsoft updates VPC to work with a G5.

It may be slower than an intel machine running windows, but the other advantages of a Mac far outweigh this point that I''m willing to put up with it. I just hope we can find more people to work on programs for the Mac.
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