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Pappy, is it a novelty flag? Simply because the folks who flew it died out and their living brethren no longer fly it?

I don't get how anyone could not get the association. You fly a flag--any flag--and you endorse what that flag stands for. That's where the phrase "showing the flag" somes from. That's what flags are, after all, all about.

If you're not proud of what it stands for, you don't fly a flag. Pirate flag? Like I said, ok for kiddies who think it was all about swashbuckling. Get a little older and unbribled stealing and taking from the weak to feed the "ME ME ME" isn't funny. Oh, wait, that's right...This is the ME ME ME generation that celebrates Enron and junk mortgages with all the brokers profiting as the economy tanks.

I wonder if anyone has ever profiled the kids who wanted to play Robber instead of Cop, to find out how many of them wound up being corporate profiteers? Ergh, megasuccesses, excuse me.

But the original quedstion was about etiquette and the pirate flag, and proper etiquette for a pirate is "Whatever I damned well want it to be!"

Isn't it?
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